Eddy Renno

EDDY RENNO, the Lebanese – Canadian citizen, was influenced by an ambiance of fine art , not only through his graduation in interior design in Lebanon, but also by his father’s talent, ASSAAD RENNO, the famous painter and professor of art and painting, as well as the founder of the Academy of “MICHAEL ANGELO” for painting, fine art and decoration, an atmosphere in which EDDY lived, with his three older brothers who also were involved in the artistic field of painting, decoration and architecture, a domain that filled his body and soul.

After his graduation, EDDY left to Canada where he developed his skills and knowledge all through experiencing work, in multiple different types of culture. He also intended to visit various countries in order to be more acknowledged about their civilizations. This matter added to his formation and talent, and helped him excel, and even create numerous legendary models of no similarities, through his revolutionary designs in his work which he considers not as a profession but an art of planning, designing and constructing forms that reflect a functional and aesthetic environment.

In 1995, once back to Lebanon, his homeland, he decided to settle down and launch his own projects, working with some of the biggest names in Lebanon and the most famous in decoration and interior design, merging experience, ideas and originality, no matter if the places to work on are public or private, indoors or outdoors, rooms or complexes.

The satisfaction and appreciation in his clients’ eyes, are the most rewarding aspects he aims to get.

Design.er s.a.r.l.

EDDY RENNO established “DESIGN.ER S.A.R.L.”, in 2008, his own company for interior design, decoration and contracting, in Sodeco – Achrafieh, executing work with a staff of fifteen highly skilled professionals in the art and sciences of building designs. There, all his concepts are developed and turned into reality until many perspectives are changed.
Since then, he has become one of the most influential pioneers in individual designs which moved his reputation abroad, such as Dubai and Jordan, where his projects added to the ones in Lebanon and reached to about 150 covering various areas, ranging from 150m to 4000 m2, per residential project, and up to 10.000 m2, showrooms and offices, and up to 40.000 m2 landscaping, with a group of specialists in this field. To better serve his clients and more enhance his career, he established, in 2014, “VIVERO” a company specialized for nursery and landscaping, in a beautiful green land near the region of Broummana, in Mount Lebanon.

The quality secret out of which his work emerged, is his deep involvement in the study of people, units’ organization, technology, and the relationships among them all. These details relate intimately to the home design, and refer to the way the family evaluates, manages and utilizes it to live its efficiency as well as its effectiveness, and to experience beauty and comfort. EDDY adds a touch of his soul to the one of his client’s, as he feels that his job is not only limited to designs, paint, tiles and linen, but mainly based on the emotional impacts upon the client’s life.
As for the commercial projects, showrooms, offices, etc. Eddy’s main objective is to integrate the clients and make them participate in his artistic work in order to collect real knowledge about their purposes, and arrange them into concrete perceptions. Our styles include contemporary and ecofriendly designs. Understanding the clients’ concept and vision, triggers out more prosperous ideas in order to foster the development of their needs in the best way that fits their personality.

Eddy believes that, according to him, there are no clients, there are partners. This is what makes the relation, a relation full of trust and sustainability.